Welcome to Stormwater Queensland

Stormwater encompasses runoff generated through rainfall events, making its way to creeks, rivers, bays and oceans via overland flow and natural or artificial channels. Managed well, it is a valuable resource that contributes to environmental protection and repair, amenity of the public realm, the liveability of our cities, human health, drought and flooding resilience; while providing an alternative water source. Poorly managed, it has harmful effects on human health, the hydrological cycle and our waterways and generates flooding, causing nuisance and material damage.

The values and opportunities of stormwater have not been consistently capitalised upon while impacts continue to be a challenge – progression in this direction is a constant challenge. Stormwater Queensland exists to aid our members to effectively manage their existing and future challenges, and to realise the immense opportunities provided by well managed stormwater. We do this by engaging industry, government and academia to understand their needs, and by advocating for our member’s interests in achieving these stormwater outcomes. We also acknowledge that we’re stronger together and offer events and training in response to our member’s needs.  In so doing, we promote collaboration and provide thought leadership and capacity building across our industry.

Stormwater Queensland is an incorporated, not for profit, association established in 1996.

The objectives of Stormwater Queensland, as set out in the constitution, are:

  • to promote the efficient management of stormwater in order to:
  • – manage flooding
    – enhance community amenity
    – achieve the cost effective management of stormwater infrastructure

  • maintain environmental values of receiving waters
  • encourage a whole of watercycle approach to stormwater management
  • to encourage best practice in the industry and to provide a forum for the various industry members
  • to provide industry representation as the principle advisory body for the stormwater industry


Stormwater Queensland seeks to facilitate effective stormwater management by providing leadership, representation and services to the stormwater industry. Specifically, it aims to:

  • promote and advocate for effective stormwater management
  • raise professional standards of practice
  • provide information and knowledge exchange for professional development of the industry
  • operate in an effective and financially responsible manner.

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