Following on from this year’s successful conference held in March 2023, the Organising Committee invites you to participate in 2024, Charting the Future from Past Lessons, to be held at CommBank Stadium on Wednesday 17 and Thursday 18 April, 2024. is all about connecting like-minded professionals who are committed to creating a […]

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Green and Blue by ’32

Stormwater Queensland warmly invites you to register now for this fully catered, interactive whole day event – Green and Blue by ’32, hosted by Queensland Water Modelling Network. This event will help shape thinking, catalyse learning, and foster new connections and collaborations that build momentum towards a green and blue legacy for SEQ after the 2032 Olympic and […]

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Stormwater Queensland 2023 Annual General Meeting

Stormwater Queensland Committee nominations are now open and will close at 11.00 am on Wednesday, 20th September 2023 for the 2023 Annual General Meeting, which will be held on Wednesday, 4th October 2023 from 11.00 am to 11.30 am via Zoom.

All financial members of Stormwater Queensland are invited to nominate for either a position […]

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Webinar: Ecological Approach to Bioretention Systems

Bioretention systems (also called biofiltration systems, biofilters, bioretention basins, bioretention systems, bioswales and raingardens) are one of the most commonly applies asset types to assist urban areas in Queensland and elsewhere to be more ‘water sensitive’.

In this webinar, Logan City Council’s WSUD Technical Officer, Jonas Larsen will explain, in true multidisciplinary fashion, the usefulness […]

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Webinar : How effective are biofilters for retaining stormwater volumes?

Recently there has been a focus on reducing stormwater volumes to protect waterways. Biofilters are often proposed as a suitable WSUD response but there are many unresolved questions that are often raised: How well do they really work? What are the key pathways for retention and how does context and design influence outcomes? Do […]

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Bringing the Blue, Green & Grey Together

The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA), Engineers Australia (EA) and Stormwater Queensland (SQ) are hosting the first event of a new annual event series on 9 August 2023. The event aims to bring professionals involved in blue, green and grey infrastructure design, traditional owners, policy makers and others together to achieve the best […]

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Urban Stormwater Communities of Practice Workshop

Join urban stormwater stakeholders from industry and government from across Queensland to discuss current and future stormwater management topics and opportunities including:

Total annual loads and threshold reductions.
Low impact design.
Update on the Water by Design program, including new materials and capacity building opportunities.

This event is free to attend and catering will be […]

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2023 IECA Australasia Conference

Save the Date for the 2023 IECA Australasia Conference 1 – 3 November, 2023 at Noosa. This conference will feature regional training, an expo hall to catch up on the latest in erosion control and stormwater management products and networking opportunities for industry professionals. Hosted by IECA Australasia, with Stormwater Queensland as a supporting […]

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Webinar: Keeping up Appearances – Bioretention Aesthetics

Although bioretention basins serve an important role of reducing stormwater pollution, they are often critiqued on their aesthetics. This webinar will discuss ways we can beautify basins and improve their appeal in the community.

We will explore the key factors influencing plant health and survival. A panel of WSUD scientists and landscape architects will also […]

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Webinar: Demystifying the Stormwater Industry

Civil engineers, and environmental engineers and scientists in the early stages of their career are often tasked with developing, designing and analysing stormwater management strategies. These individuals are an integral part of the stormwater industry, and need to be supported, connected, and advocated for. Stormwater Queensland is hosting this webinar event to help develop […]

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