September 17, 2020 @ 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm

Hosted by Stormwater Queensland and Stormwater Victoria, and sponsored by Wave Maintenance.

Topic: WSUD audit, maintenance and rectification insights for assets 5-15 years old.

Presenters: Ralf Pfleiderer – Director at Wave Maintenance

Date:  Thursday 17 September 2020

Time:  12.30pm – 1:30pm

Description: This seminar will cover a range of design and construction suggestions gleaned from years of observation and auditing systems, and more recently of maintaining and rectifying raingardens, tree pits and biofilters as part of stormwater harvesting  systems. Over the last two years, as director of the new WSUD maintenance company, Wave Maintenance based in Melbourne, Ralf Pfleiderer has been getting up close and personal with mainly assets, doing monthly and quarterly cleaning. This gives you a great insight into how quickly inlets block and sediment accumulates. Over the last two months Wave Maintenance have also rectified over 60 assets ranging in design styles, ages, catchments types and maintenance regimes. The seminar will present aspects that make maintenance easy (and therefore the assets perform well), what designs reduce failure and blockages and what not to do again in the future.

Registration:  This webinar is FREE of charge to all.

About The Presenter: Ralf Pfleiderer is a well-respected leader in stormwater across Australia, with over 20 years’ experience in the industry, across public and private enterprise. Ralf is an Environmental Engineer applying his engineering skills within a landscape, green infrastructure and open space context. Ralf has been involved in delivering all stages of WSUD assets from policy to design, undertaking or managing the construction and maintenance to monitoring and auditing a range of large and small WSUD assets for local governments, Melbourne Water and developers. Ralf runs his own consulting practice as well as being a hands-on director at Wave Maintenance.