May 2, 2018 @ 10:00 am – 4:30 pm

The AR&R/QUDM workshop was a resounding success with plenty of robust discussion and commentary on the two new guidelines. Some of the key outcomes from the workshop were:

  1. Requests for detailed training once the AR&R Urban Chapter is released.  Stormwater Qld has also committed to investigating more detailed training and helping guide the industry in implementation.
  2. An understanding that the Rational Method may still be applicable for small-scale developments combined with the 2016 IFD’s but as development size & complexity increases, so should the level of modelling.  This should be a risk-based approach with the ultimate judgement being made by an RPEQ.
  3. Local authorities and consultants should note existing legislation/guidelines and changes to QUDM with regards to severe storm impact assessment and dam break analysis/emergency spillway design.
  4. Local authorities and consultants should note the update of QUDM on the lawful point of discharge which is now more reflective of common law.
  5. Most software is already developed to automatically include (through the Data Hub) most of the new AR&R16 changes.
  6. Improvements to and feedback on the Datahub are most welcome by the custodians and should be forwarded through to allow continuous improvement and progression.
  7. Further research and progress is being made on multiple components of AR&R16, particularly, refinement of the RFFE validation method.
  8. AR&R Book 9 draft will be released within the week.  Comments and review are welcome by the book editors.
  9. There are still many areas that remain uncertain, but the previous methods have even greater uncertainty;

Stormwater Queensland has recorded these key outcomes and actions and will provide feedback to the AR&R & QUDM editors.

As highlighted during the workshop, the link to the Hydralinc Blockage Tool – Beta version is below. You are invited to test and provide feedback to Paul directly:


ARR2016 Blockage Tool: ARR2016 Bk6Ch6 Blockage – BETA v01.xlsx

We trust that you found the workshop worthwhile and look forward to seeing you again.



Panel members

The event expert panel will comprise:

Mark Babister

Mark Babister FIEAust CPEng NER, is the Director at WMAwater and recent winner of Engineers Australia John Holland Civil Engineer of the Year 2017 award. He has also been involved in the publication of the ARR 2016, the 4th edition of ARR. 

Mark is a national leader in water engineering, specialising in flood estimation and floodplain management. He has over thirty years’ experience in water engineering studies, and has successfully led an extensive number of significant hydrologic, hydraulic, floodplain management, infrastructure and dam studies for a wide range of water managers and infrastructure owners. 

Adam Broit 

Adam is a Civil Engineer with over 10 years’ experience working on civil infrastructure projects. Adam’s core experience covers hydrology and hydraulics and has a focus on water projects. His experience ranges from stormwater network design, detailed hydrologic and hydraulic modelling, covering small cross drainage infrastructure through to large scale catchment modelling and water balance modelling.

Adam has had over 5 years’ experience working within the DA/OPW space and undertaking multiple urban stormwater management plans in South-East Queensland. He is currently working across a range of civil projects within the development and infrastructure space, ranging from overland flow path studies to flood mitigation works.
Sophia Buchanan

Sophia has 10yrs experience specialising in hydrology and hydraulics.  She has been the head training for XP Solutions and was instrumental in the implementation of ARR 2016 into Innovyze software.

Sophia has a demonstrated history of working in both the private and public sectors.  Projects undertaken by Sophia include large scale urban drainage schemes, stormwater quality and quantity modelling, flood management and detailed design for flood mitigation works.
Don Carroll

Don Carroll has over 30 years of experience in flood modelling and risk management throughout Australia and overseas. He has also worked extensively throughout South-East Asia in the areas of flood damage assessment, integrated disaster risk management, climate change adaptation, integrated basin management including institutional strengthening and flood risk vulnerability assessment. He is the author of the URBS model that is used extensively throughout Australia for flood forecasting and design incorporating the latest ARR 2016 guidelines.

Peter Coombes

Prof. Coombes has spent more than 30 years dedicated to the development of systems understanding of the urban, rural and natural water cycles with a view to finding optimum solutions for the sustainable use of ecosystem services, provision of infrastructure and urban planning.  He has been involved in a wide range of projects, advised many clients and governments, providing strategic design, policy and economic advice to the satisfaction of governments and society.  He is part of the ARR Editorial Team for Book 9 – Runoff in Urban Areas.

Alister Daly

Alister has more than 20 years’ experience in the water engineering industry throughout Australia and has worked extensively within the water resources, flooding and drainage sectors for Government and private sector clients across Australia.  Alister has held technical and management positions in both large and small consultancies in the Water Resources and Flooding sectors and has been actively involved in all levels of engineering consultancy.  He has worked extensively throughout Queensland, as well as throughout other regions throughout Australia (Victoria, Northern Territory, etc).  Alister also has international AusAID experience as a water resources advisor in China. Alister has also worked on numerous hydrologic and hydraulic assessments for development proposals, flood mitigation designs and hydraulic structure designs for both private and government clients.  Alister has also provided expert witness services in the Queensland Planning and Environment Court appeal process.

David Simpson

David is a Senior Civil and Environmental Engineer with 47 years of experience in civil, hydraulic and environmental engineering, including investigation, planning, design, construction and project management of development projects. His areas of expertise include creek stabilisation, integrated water cycle management, stormwater drainage, overland flow, water quality, water supply, sewerage, water treatment, wastewater treatment, industrial wastewater treatment, hydraulic services, subdivisions, hydro-electric schemes and expert witness services.

David has been with the Brisbane City Council for more than 20 years mainly involved with:

  • Investigation, design and certification of stormwater drainage designs;
  • Modelling of piped and overland flow stormwater drainage;
  • Integrated water cycle management for Willawong Bus Depot;
  • Design of creek stabilisation works to protect sewer crossings;
  • Design and project management of Stormwater Quality Improvement Devices (SQIDs);
  • Local stormwater drainage flooding investigations.

Grant Witheridge

Grant Witheridge is the principal of Catchments & Creeks Pty Ltd, and a leading authority in Hydraulics, Stormwater Management, Waterway Management, and construction site Erosion & Sediment Control.  He has over 35 years experience in the investigation, modelling and design of hydraulic structures, including 7 years at the University of NSW Water Research Laboratory.  Grant is the principal author of more than 30 technical publications including IECA Australasia’s (2008) Best Practice Erosion and Sediment Control documents, the 2007, 2013 and 2016 editions of the Queensland Urban Drainage Manual (QUDM), and publications on creek erosion, creek rehabilitation and fish passage.


Local Government Authorities (To be confirmed)

Facilitated by Adam Berry and Darren Drapper from Stormwater Queensland;

There simply will not be another event that provides a more broad, knowledgeable and passionate group of people that can deliver this type of training for this topic. It begs the question: Why would you attend training for one expert trainer when you can have ten for such an important occasion?

Discussions are currently occurring with the Stormwater Qld Committee, the panel, our members and the industry to finalise the format and topics of conversation. We envisage a format that will comprise:

  • Presentations on both AR&R16 and QUDM for an overview and highlighting the major
  • Your chance to shape and be heard on the much anticipated AR&R Urban Book with the lead editor Professor Peter Coombes on our panel
  • A series of questions relevant to each field of the panel on both guidelines
  • Open floor for questions from the audience
  • A session for real examples and scenarios of challenges implementing the guidelines including:
    • Road Drainage Design.
    • Subdivision Design with basin and culvert.
    • A flood model >25 km2.
    • A large, diverse and complex flood model >2,000 km2

This session is intended to provide guidance for the industry on implementing best practice for all scenarios encountered on a daily basis.

Whether you are part of development assessment, a floodplain manager or a subdivision designer, you simply cannot miss this event! it is a fundamental occasion providing surety and direction on moving forward with these two guidelines. The event is also an excellent opportunity to network with a wide variety of professionals and converse with our panel afterwards.

Networking: 4.30pm to 6.30pm.

This includes premium beer, wine and soft drinks as well as canapes included in the price. An excellent opportunity for the industry to come together for this occasion on the outside deck overlooking the Brisbane River.

Members: $230.00 (inc. GST)
Non-Members: $450.00 (inc. GST)

This is a first class event package and also includes lunch and 2 hours of canapés and drinks and has been significantly reduced for our valued Stormwater Queensland members. Non-members are encouraged to join to gain advantage out of this event and many other high quality events planned for the year.

We look forward to seeing you there!