At our recent AGM in Cairns, the following representatives were elected to the Stormwater Queensland Management Committee for 2020.

2020 Management Committee

First Name Surname Organisation Position Nominated Nominated By
Peter Worth Ocean Protect President Daniel Niven & David Simpson
Daniel Niven Premise Vice President Bill Johnson & Rick Dennis
David Simpson Brisbane City Council Secretary Peter Worth & Courtney Henderson
Charles Coathup Renew Solutions Treasurer Ben Penhallurick & David Simpson
Dylan Cain E2Designlab Committee Member Kim Markwell & Sally Boer
Brad Dalrymple Ocean Protect Committee Member Paul Dubowski & Lucy Peljo
Rick Dennis Allan & Dennis Committee Member Peter Worth & Brad Dalrymple
Paul Dubowski BMT Committee Member Lucy Peljo & Adyn deGroot
Sharon Fong City of Gold Coast Committee Member
Courtney Henderson AECOM Committee Member David Simpson & Daniel Niven
Blair Jedras Drapper Environmental Consultants Committee Member Darren Drapper & Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson Strategic Environmental & Engineering Consulting Committee Member Peter Worth & Daniel Niven
Clint Mead SPEL Stormwater Committee Member Sina Moshirvaziri & Andy Hornbuckle
Sina Moshirvaziri SPEL Stormwater Committee Member Sina Moshirvaziri & Andy Hornbuckle

(Peter Worth has also submitted a nomination as a committee member.)

Member’s Profile

Office Bearers

Peter Worth

I have been involved in the Stormwater Industry in the proprietary supplier front for over nine years and have also been a member of the Management Committee for the past nine years. I have had various roles over this time including President over the last 8-9 months and have previously also been Vice-President and a previous Committee Member. Over the last few months our Committee has worked hard to navigate through issues with SNat and provide guidance to our Industry via engagement with Authorities, Industry Body’s and our Position Statements. I have also contributed over the last couple of terms by assisting reviewing position papers and more recently changing over to the Events sub-committee to assist in Event planning and organisation etc. I look forward to a great conference in Cairns in October and am disappointed I am not able to attend. Over the last few years I have been encouraged to be part of the committee and the works we have done particularly in our position statements to the greater stormwater industry and look forward to continuing to be part of this process and the committee as a whole.

Daniel Niven

Daniel is a Senior Principal Engineer with over 19 years’ experience in the surface water and coastal engineering industry.  Over this period Daniel has undertaken numerous hydrologic and hydraulic impact assessment, flood management and hydraulic structure designs, dam designs, stormwater quality management design, water data collection, lake turn-over and nutrient balance assessments, tidal prism assessments and detailed geomorphologic assessments.  Daniel is involved in managing various water engineering projects ensuring provision of optimum engineering solutions. Daniel supervises a number of engineering staff to achieve the ideal outcome for the various projects and therefore has an excellent understanding of the industry.  Daniel has completed a Masters of Philosophy with the research component involving collection and assessment of water quality data within a typical urbanised catchment and the effectiveness of stormwater treatment devices.  He has also facilitated training on water quality management, 1D/2D and flexible mesh modelling.  Based on this Daniel will be able to contribute to the Stormwater Queensland committee with relevant and useful advice.  He will also be able to be involved in the different areas of the committee and provide support to the committees activities.

David Simpson

Charles Coathup

Committee Members

Dylan Cain

Through my role at E2Designlab I understand the value of stormwater in creating healthy environments. I will offer the committee a strong voice ensuring we highlight the multiple objectives stormwater management can meet and will ensure we communicate with a broad range of stakeholders to break down silos.  I am a Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ 7684) with 19 years’ experience in the areas of Urban and Environmental Civil Engineering. I am also very interested in emerging trends and technology and am a participant in the CRC for Water Sensitive Cities.

Brad Dalrymple

Brad is a Principal Environmental Engineer at Ocean Protect with over 19 years experience and industry accreditations (RPEQ, NPER and CPEng).  At Ocean Protect, Brad’s role is to support the development and implementation of stormwater treatment technologies, asset management initiatives and community education programs aimed at helping to protect marine and waterway health. He is also a lecturer at Griffith University where, for the past 12 years, he has been responsible for part of the environmental hydrology and hydraulics subject.  Brad will continue to assist with events and advocacy activities for Stormwater Queensland.

Rick Dennis

There is an under-serviced demand for regular industry events in Brisbane, previously provided by the Queensland Water Panel, but has been recently hindered by management changes in the over-arching Engineers Australia organisation.  Stormwater Queensland can provide these events that our cohort strives for.

There is a particular need to connect with younger members of the industry, including students, graduates and junior to mid-level professionals, whose numbers appear to have dwindled over the recent years.  I believe I can assist the organisation to do this.

I’m a civil engineer specialising in hydrology, hydraulics, water quality, flood management and stormwater infrastructure.  After 10 years in a global, multi-disciplinary consultancy, Laurence and I established Allan & Dennis Pty Ltd, to provide enhanced service and value whilst maintaining high level technical expertise and capability.

Paul Dubowski

Paul is a senior environmental scientist at BMT WBM with 15 years of experience in environmental management. With a diverse background and experience he brings a broad range of skills to the company working across a range of fields including stormwater quality, ecology and waterways management. Prior to his current role, Paul spent two years with the Water by Design program of the South East Queensland Healthy Waterways Partnership focusing on sustainable urban water management. He was involved with the management, delivery and support of: local and state policy; guidelines; professional development initiatives; and organisational strengthening initiatives for local governments. Paul also has 5 years of experience in local government managing ecological impacts of urban development through development assessment, environmental management and policy. He has been an active member of Stormwater Queensland committee for 6 years leading the development of a range of advocacy and engagement initiatives and events. He is the current Chair of the Advocacy and Engagement Sub-Committee.  What I can add to the Committee:

  • Continuity of knowledge and experience from past committees.
  • Active and regular participation in the committee meetings including actioning tasks as they arise.
  • Ongoing commitment in leading the Advocacy and Engagement Subcommittee.
  • Active participation in related tasks including meetings, workshops, submissions, position statements, engagement with government agencies etc.
  • Support for forums, bus tours and other events.

Sharon Fong

I have been working in the stormwater industry for the last 10 years, both in the public and private sectors.  I have been involved in delivering projects and program of works from individual site-based stormwater management plans through to city wide Local Government Infrastructure Plans.  My accumulated experience and interest in the management of stormwater in urbanised environments would add value if I was elected as a committee member to Stormwater Queensland.  I am passionate about being part of an organisation that can influence how stormwater is managed in a sustainable way both from an environmental and funding perspective.

Courtney Henderson

Dr Courtney Henderson is a water sensitive urban design specialist with seven years of academic experience (PhD in stormwater bioretention systems) and 13 years in consulting.  He has skills in vegetation ecology, soil science, water chemistry and urban hydrology.  His training as a scientist complements the predominantly engineering-design focus of the industry.  His work experience in industrial sites and transport infrastructure also complements the urban development focus of the group.

Bill Johnson

Blair Jedras

I am a practical, innovative person with a successful career as a construction professional, project  manager and small business owner. I believe in creating solutions to overcome challenges by possessing innovative problem-solving skills in engineering and wide spectrum of technical construction skills. My interest is to design and implement sustainable and innovative systems and bio-technology within built environments to suit the client’s specifications. My passion for the environment and waterway protection has driven my construction and professional career. I feel my technical and engineering background will be a benefit to Stormwater Queensland.

Clint Mead

Sina Moshirvaziri 

Sina has a strong passion for Water Sensitive Urban Design and Stormwater Engineering. Sina has tertiary education in Civil Engineering. He is a member of Institute of Engineers Australia, a Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng) and Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ), who has over 12 years’ experience in the fields of Hydraulics, Stormwater Management, Civil Design and Assessment of Urban Development projects.

Sina has been working as a civil engineer in different roles. He has worked in a consulting environment to help the developers with their DA. He has been working as a Development Assessment Engineer in a Council to assess engineering aspects of development applications. Currently, he is the Queensland State Manager at SPEL Environmental where he assists consultants and developers in their design challenges in providing suitable Stormwater treatment options in their Development Applications.