My interest in stormwater started as a kid, where my friends and I naively searched for drains with our boogie boards in hand during storms.  I had no idea what an engineer was back then, but now I design the infrastructure to safely convey the runoff we were surfing, and trying to keep kids like me away from these potential hazards!

As a bit of a libertarian, I want to encourage best-practice stormwater management via advocacy and education, without lobbying government for more onerous regulations.  The public can take a more active role in the water cycle, from understanding their flood risk, rehabilitating our waterways or adopting rainwater tanks through a ‘want’ rather than Council requirement.  I believe these goals can be achieved through our work at Stormwater Queensland, in collaboration with other industry and community groups.

My most rewarding career decision has been starting a consultancy with a long-time friend.  This required rapid development over a broad spectrum of roles, from director to IT support to accounting to marketing.  It has included a few long nights, but also some cheeky mid-week surf sessions.

In addition to surfing, I enjoy boarding down stormwater drains, running, mountain and motorbikes, whisky and woodworking and look forward to hobby farming on some acreage once circumstances allow.

I’ve been on the Stormwater Queensland events sub-committee since initially volunteering in 2018, aiming to maximise the value and diversity of topics presented.  If you’ve got an idea, potential event or would like to collaborate, please reach out!