Stormwater Queensland is committed to providing industry leadership on flexible and innovative pathways for stormwater quality management. These pathways include but are not limited to stormwater quality offsets. Stormwater Queensland has prepared a position statement which sets out its stance on stormwater quality compliance pathways particularly stormwater quality offsets.

This Position Statement has been informed by feedback received from Stormwater Queensland members and the broader industry. Feedback included both written feedback in response to an earlier published draft Position Statement and oral feedback received during the ‘Stormwater Quality Offsets Forum’ held in November 2015.

This Position Statement will be used as a platform to represent Stormwater Queensland members and the broader industry in collaboratively working with state and local governments and other industry stakeholders towards the development of an appropriate regulatory framework and guidelines. Use of the position statement is encouraged particularly by organisations currently or potentially considering stormwater quality offsets.

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