Did you work on a great project but you don’t think it’s good enough to win a Stormwater Queensland award?

Don’t sell yourself short! The biggest obstacle to winning an award is taking the initiative to fill out the form.  Nothing comes to the one who waits. Toot your own horn. Read these FAQs to help you find the gold in your project:

How do I tick the box on ‘stakeholder engagement’?

  • Read the criteria on this carefully, including notes below the table.  This doesn’t have to be formal community consultation but could also include collaboration with other disciplines.  Did you work with landscape architects / urban designers / highway designers / utilities / your client etc?  That can all help contribute to this item.

My project was only small. Surely only major, high-profile projects win?

  • There’s no limit on project size and all projects are based on their merits against the criteria.  There have been small projects as well as large ones. Focus on the criteria.

My project was a waterway rehabilitation project. Which category would that fit in?  Plants can’t be infrastructure, can they?

  • We have had waterway rehabilitation projects win in the infrastructure category.  Infrastructure does not have to mean concrete and steel.

I worked on the stormwater design for a highways project, surely that’s not really eligible?

  • Past winners have included motorway upgrade projects, multiple times.  We’re not concerned with who your client was or what industry you were contributing to, just the stormwater design. Diversity is welcomed!

Read the criteria carefully and if in doubt, reach out to our awards team Hannah Murphy or Katie Fletcher and we can have a chat with you. Good luck!

We’ll be sending more tips and tricks in each newsletter ahead of the due date, 5th August 2022.  Less than 2 months to go!