August 31, 2015 – September 4, 2015 all-day
Alliance Francaise de Brisbane
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$250.00 Member; $350.00 Non Member; $50.00 Student (Fee per full day Workshop) 20% discount for multiple-day attendance.
Katherine Ducker
1300 721 220

On behalf of Stormwater Queensland, we are pleased to announce that we are holding our very first Winter School Program this August.  The Stormwater Queensland August Winter School will feature Workshops conducted by Grant Witheridge (Catchment and Creeks), Jack Mullaly and Andrew O’Neill (Healthy Waterways).  The school will be held over a period of five days and allows you to choose individual daily workshops, which suit your needs and to improve your knowledge and skills in stormwater quantity and quality design.


To register for one or more of the workshops, to be held as part of the Stormwater Queensland August Winter School, click here.


Workshop Schedule


Monday, 31st August Workshop 1 – Application of the Rational Method and Aspects of Piped Drainage Design
Presenter: Grand Witheridge
Tuesday, 1st September Workshop 2 – Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) Principles and Concept Design
Presenters: Jack Mullaly and Andrew O’Neill
Wednesday, 2nd September Workshop 3 – Design of Stormwater Outlets and Design of Fauna Sensitive Waterway Crossings
Presenter: Grant Witheridge
Thursday, 3rd September Workshop 4 – Water Sensitive Design (WSUD) Detailed Design
Presenters: Jack Mullaly and Andrew O’Neill
Friday, 4th September Workshop 5 – Treatment of Creek Erosion and Natural Channel Design
Presenter: Grant Witheridge


Workshop Outlines


The following Workshops will be presented over the five days of the Stormwater Queensland August Winter School:


Workshop 1 (Part 1) – Application of the Rational Method

Introduction to the various hydrological methods used to determine design discharge or small to medium catchments. Detailed discussion is provided on the application of the Rational Method and the various procedures as presented within the Queensland Urban Drainage Manual for the determination of time of concentration. It is hoped that the Workshop will also provide students with an update on AR&R attitude to the continued use of the Rational Method in drainage design.


Workshop 1 (Part 2) – Aspects of Piped Drainage Design

This workshop has been developed for practitioners who have past experience in stormwater drainage design. Discussion is provided on the reasoning behind many of the design rules used in pipe drainage design. The workshop reviews hydraulic gradeline (HGL) analysis, structure losses, methods to achieve a reduction in pit losses, and the hydraulics of inlet structures.


Workshop 2 – Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) Principles and Concept Design

This workshop will focus on the application of WSUD to reduce the impact of urbanisation and meet state and LG policy requirements. The workshop will include training on implementing WSUD principles, WSUD concept design and integration. This will include practical exercises in WSUD concept design that can be highly valuable when preparing stormwater management plans.


Workshop 3 (Part 1) – Design of Stormwater Outlets

This workshop reviews the design of stormwater outlets, and their integration into various receiving environments, including discussion on aesthetics, headwall design, pubilc safety, inlet and outlet screens, erosion control, maintenance and water quality issues.


Workshop 3 (Part 2) – Design of Fauna Sensitive Waterway Crossings

This workshop focuses on the design of various types of waterway/roadway crossings, with the aim of minimising their impact on aquatic and terrestrial fauna passage. The workshop reviews design and rehabilitation of waterway culverts.


Workshop 4 – Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) Detailed Design

This workshop will focus on the detailed design of wetlands, bioretention and swales. This workshop will include working through a detailed “WS design”, also considering a number of other aspects of stormwater drainage design, that has been included in other Winter School workshops (e.g. outlets, hydraulic calculations, etc).


Workshop 5 (Part 1) – Treatment of Creek Erosion

This is a practical-based workshop on the various forms and causes of creek erosion, providing detailed discussion on the selection and application of a wide range of treatment techniques. The primary focus of the workshop is on the use of natural materials, such as vegetation and rock to control creek erosion.


Workshop 5 (Part 2) – Natural Channel Design

This workshop introduces the concepts of Natural Channel Design (NCD) for use in the design of drainage channels and the rehabilitation of minor watercourses, within heavily modified catchments. The workshop will also discuss some of the lessons learnt since the release of Brisbane City Council’s NCD Guidelines of 2000.


Registration Fees


Stormwater Queensland are committed to providing high quality professional development opportunities to our members. As the August Winter School is a new initiative of the Association, Stormwater Queensland have subsidised the Workshop registration fees by more than 50% of their full value.


(Fee per Full Day Workshop)
Member  $250.00
Non Member $350.00
Student $50.00


Please Note: For Participants wishing to attend multiple Workshops, a 20% discount will be applied.


Registration to attend these Workshops includes Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea.


Should you have any questions regarding registration, please email registration@gemspl.com.au.

If you would like to know more about the Stormwater Queensland August Winter School, please contact Stormwater Queensland on 1300 721 220.