May 5, 2022 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

South East Queensland is one of Australia’s fastest-growing areas and has the challenge of managing growth while protecting significant natural waterway assets and environmental values.

This webinar will highlight case studies on the Gold Coast and Redland Bay where stormwater treatment measures are being used to manage this issue by offsetting point source sewage loads. Importantly, the presentation will describe how stormwater, riverine and tidal flows will be treated by proposed constructed freshwater (one being of the order of 50ha) and saline (one being of the order of 20-ha) wetlands and how ‘other’ catchment based stormwater management measures (concrete drain reconstruction, bioretention systems etc) fit into the ultimate solution.

The webinar will describe the journey taken in scoping, evaluating and arriving at the anticipated solutions, outline the details of works proposed and describe expected implementation activities. The webinar will include a presentation from Tony McAlister, followed by Q&A with attendees.

Proof of attendance can be provided to attendees upon request to Stormwater Queensland.