Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) have released a report to inform water security discussions and to increase understanding around the attributes and costs of different water supply options – All options on the table: urban water supply options for Australia (3 Sept 2020).
Stormwater is mentioned 80 times in the report! Stormwater harvesting is considered a key water supply opportunity. Key points from the report:
  • The Australian urban water industry needs to continue moving towards a diversified portfolio of water supply options
  • Surface water remains the lowest cost option, but dams are considered to be high-risk investments
  • The costs of different water sources have been estimated. Supply costs range from $0.40 per kilolitre to $20 per kilolitre, with most options below $5 per kilolitre
  • The cost of water from stormwater harvesting has been estimated at $0.60 to $33/kL (based on 75 projects), with the majority less than $5/kL. This is similar to the cost of water from rainwater tanks.
  • Stormwater harvesting provides many benefits in addition to supply – amenity, health, environment.
  • The cost of water from purified recycled water for drinking is comparable to water from seawater desalination (about $2.50/kL)
As an active member of the Stormwater community, we would love to hear your thoughts on the urban water supply options outlined.