The commencement of the new Planning Act in mid-2017 has been a driver for the Department of Infrastructure, Local Government & Planning (DILGP) to review how State interests are expressed in the planning system. In November 2016, DILGP released consultation drafts of the State Planning Policy (SPP), the State Development Assessment Provisions and the Planning Regulation. These drafts can be downloaded from this website. The draft SPP includes some important changes to the State interest – water quality. 

Stormwater Queensland held a forum in February to discuss these changes and after the forum invited members to provide feedback on the SPP. The outcomes of the forum and the feedback we received were subsequently drafted into the Stormwater Queensland submission on the Draft SPP which was issued to the DILGP.

The submission can be downloaded here:

Stormwater Queensland will use the submission to continue to work with the DILGP and the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection on the wording of the SPP.