A total of three Councils in Sydney recently committed to protecting the health of local waterways and downstream ocean by achieving a ‘zero litter to river’ target by 2030, including the City of Ryde, Burwood Council and City of Sydney.  This target will be achieved by a range of initiatives across these areas including continuing (and where appropriate) existing litter reduction strategies, rectification of existing stormwater treatment assets, installation of new stormwater treatment assets and appropriate management of new and existing stormwater treatment assets. We at Stormwater Queensland are thrilled to hear this as these actions will prevent thousands of tonnes of litter entering downstream waterways and ocean every year.
For further information, please contact Brad Dalrymple (Stormwater Queensland committee member, bradd@oceanprotect.com.au)
Update 18/02/20: The total of Sydney Councils has now increased to four.