Stormwater NSW has recently released their Position Statement on Sustainable Funding for Stormwater Management. Below if a summary of the statement, however you can view the fill statement on the Stormwater NSW website here.

Intro: There is growing recognition that better stormwater management has multiple benefits in terms of enhancing liveability and our resilience against the hazards of an increasingly uncertain climate.

Background: Responsibility for stormwater management is shared in NSW between State Government, Sydney Water Corporation, local government and private owners. Funding for stormwater management is provided through a variety of mechanisms

  • IPART – Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal Home
  • Levy – stormwater management service charge
  • Developer contributions and special development levies

Position Statement:

  • NSW Government should establish a policy that mandates the sustainable management of stormwater.
  • All Councils should levy the Stormwater Management Service Charge
  • Administrative processes should be reinstated to ensure all funds collected for stormwater management are reported by Councils in their Annual Reports.

Checklist: of resources, qualifications and information that should be kept to justify the expenditure of funds.

Read MoreFull Position Statement on Sustainable Funding for Stormwater Management.